Pterodactyl Panel Service

What's pterodactyl panel?
The pterodactyl control panel allows you to give your VPS or dedicated server an UI where you can create, delete and edit servers on demand.

With the pterodactyl panel you can create and manage as many servers as you want. With my pterodactyl panel installation service you can also create as many MySQL databases as you want.


Why me?

When you use me to install pterodactyl panel, the installation is completely quickly and effortlessly.

I have years of experiance in managing servers and know what I am doing, which is key for a quality job.

High quality
All my services are high quality and take getting your moneys worth to a whole new level.

All communication about your installation is done, quickly, easily and securley using discord.

When you hire me to install your pterodactyl panel, you can be confident your satisfaction is my number one priority.

Ordering your Pterodactyl panel installation is easy, and the managing all your servers is even easier.

Cost effective
Unlike other system administrators, when it comes to jobs, I don't nickle and dime, I charge a fair reasonable price for a quality job.

Secure transactions
Rest assured, all payments are processed securely throughPayPal so you can purchase your Pterodactyl panel install in confidence.

Why pterodactyl panel?

Pterodactyl is secure, running each invidivudal servers in their own contrainer, with regular updates your server is safe.

whether you're a hosting company, the next hyplex, or just some dudes playing video games, we've got you covered.

User Friendly
Save the furious clicking and screaming for your games. Pterodactyl's interface is designed so well anyone can use it.

Game support
Pterodactyl panel installs include support for tons of games including, minecraft, ark, csgo and garrys mod.