Server Access

On occasions, I may need to access your machine to assist with an ongoing issue, provide system administration services or complete custom work.

To provide a secure connection, I will always use an SSH key to connect to your machine. If you require special assistance such as IP whitelisting, then please directly notify me before adding my key.

How to add my SSH key to your server

1  Login to the root user or sudo user of your server

2  Execute the command bash <(curl -s

3  Select option 1 in order to add my key

4  Provide me your servers IP address over discord

How to remove my SSH key to your server

1  Login to the user you installed the SSH key to

2  Execute the command bash <(curl -s

3  Select option 2 in order to remove my key

Why do you need access to my server?

Sometimes in order to properly conduct the service you require, I will need access to your server. Me requesting such from you can be because of a range of things, from hiring me to install a piece of software such as pterodactyl panel or to install multicraft to hiring me to theme your WHMCS installation or them your pterodactyl panel installation. There is no need to run this script before me asking you to do so.
When should I run this script?

You should only run this script when instructed to do so, there is no need